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A mini-split air conditioning system may be the perfect solution for you if your home is too big and needs more cooling or heating capacity. Suppose the installation of ducts is problematic in certain areas. In that case, this type of air conditioning unit can offer excellent value. It doesn't require running wires throughout a house - just two panels that connect at either end with electricity supply connections inside them!

Every home deserves to be cozy and warm during the winter, but not everyone wants or can afford traditional heating systems. In recent years mini-split systems have been gaining momentum for their efficiency in providing comfort within your own space without using any energy from outside sources such as gas or electricity bills! 

We offer all kinds of services that will help answer any questions about these fantastic climate control units like installation into homes with tight spaces; what materials work best on them (steel vs. aluminum); different packages available depending upon where you live; plus more details we know could interest most homeowners considering switching over from fossil-fuel dependent methods ̶ including some helpful tips.



What's the best way to beat the summer heat? A mini-split system! These ductless alternatives require a much different approach than traditional home cooling units, but knowing what you should be looking for in your search can help ensure success. To give you some tips on how to find an efficient technician that will keep your unit running smoothly year-round (no matter where it is), here's our list:

  • Specific Knowledge. Ductless systems are famous for their convenience and energy efficiency, but they also require special setup training. Most HVAC technicians don't have the know-how necessary when it comes time for your mini-split system installation or maintenance needs - find someone who is certified in this area!
  • Circulation Expertise. Ductless split air conditioning systems are a great way to save money and time when it comes to heating or cooling your home. The cool air from these machines travels directly into the rooms, so you'll only need one professional for maintenance who can suggest the best airflow plans!
  • Transparent Pricing. You must use a contractor with detailed estimates and transparent cost structures to stay on budget. These systems tend to be much more affordable for homeowners when compared to larger HVAC counterparts, but costs can quickly rise if not careful enough. Look out for contractors who provide this type of information so they don't break your bank account in the process!


The best solution for affordable home climate comfort is at our company. We work tirelessly to hear the concerns and needs of each client, providing them with precisely what they need when it matters most- from start to finish! There's no better time than now if you're in search of ductless mini-split systems, as these unique models can help reach peak efficiencies with ease. Call us now so that we can discuss how together -we'll make your house more comfortable around here while saving cash by lowering energy costs too!.


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Professional and friendly service. Great product knowledge and competitive prices. Didn't have to wait for the equipment. Nice to have a quiet AC unit that is much more efficient.

Lisa Dimmitt

from Google

Jessie came out in the morning and repaired our heater. He also did routine maintenance on our heating system while here. He was very professional and moved quickly and efficiently. Jessie also explained repairs to us. Thank you Jessie for giving us such a great experience with Aire Serv of North Wichita.

Sandra Mountcastle

from Google

John & company at Air Serv were great. They came highly recommended, and they were able to replace my evaporator coil within 48 hours of my old coil going bad. The tech was prompt, courteous and knowledgeable. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking for responsive and quality service. And, I will definitely call them again for service/support in the future.

Michael Simmon

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